michael lohan

Michael Lohan Gets a Radio Gig
Now we don’t just have to worry about competing against Ryan Seacrest for all the cool jobs, we have to worry about Michael Lohan too.
Michael was court-ordered to get counseling due his domestic violence charges. The treatment center told him that he needs to get a job to help transi…
Per Lawyer: Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Can Read
I spend most of my time listening to music ... playing around on the internet ... and pondering why is it that the Lohan family is so popular. Why are they always in the news? Like the Bermuda Triangle, rubix cubes and un-hooking bras one handed. That's a riddle I'll never figure out.
Jessica Alba Preggers?
February 17, 2011
Lindsay Lohan not going to make the Top 10? Jessica Alba with a new addition to the family? And Michael Vick skips out on Oprah? Find out all this and more in today's Hizziewood Hizzle!