Michael Lohan wheeled himself into court after getting arrested twice last week. He was arrested for assaulting Kate Major and then contacting her after he was released from jail. Of course he’s saying everything is Kate’s fault so he tried to make a smooth escape from the cops but hurt his foot in the process. After spending some time at the hospital, Michael was sent back to jail. He arrived to his court hearing in a wheel chair and the judge laid into him. She said he needed to quit with the excuses! He should have never tried contacting Kate, even if he was returning a phone call, because of the restraining order against him! Michael and his lawyer pleaded with the judge to release him because he has so much stuff going right now! He has a TV interview with Dr. Drew, he wants to be at his troubled daughter Lindsay’s side at her court hearing on Wednesday, and he has a celebrity boxing match with White House crasher Tareq Salahi! But the judge denied his bail and said she is not concerned with his events! Kate left the courtroom saying she was thrilled that she can sleep peacefully knowing he is staying in jail. There is no word on when he will be released.

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