If you're having difficulty in the dating scene finding the right one, maybe you need to give the ugly duckling a try... That is what science is saying! The study was done at Florida State University looking into the lives of married couples and their happiness in life/relationship. Researchers looked into 113 women having multiple outside sources grade the attractiveness of their husbands from 1 to 10 and compared it to their happiness.

What they found was women with more attractive husbands spent more time dieting, working out and stressing over their appearance than those with less attractive husbands. I have very mixed feelings about this study and by no means agree with it 100% at all. However that being said I do see how obsessing over your appearance can not only hurt your self-esteem but in effect take away from your happiness.

That being said as a guy who works in radio and has a face for it I can totally back this study... With purely personal and biased reasons. Also, chubby guys cuddle better so I'm going to go finish this cold pizza now.

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