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I was shocked when a co-worker told me about Danny Rolling.  I remember it like it was yesterday when Greg Atoms dropped the bombshell on me about this Shreveport native, and infamous serial killer who's 1990 reign of terror in Gainesville, Florida inspired the movie Scream.  Now, a new documentary set to premiere on Discovery+ will delve deeper into the dark details of the "Gainesville Ripper."

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Shreveport Native Danny Rolling's Crimes in Florida Were Horrific

In the sweltering summer of 1990, Danny Rolling held the community of Gainesville, Florida in his terrifying grip.  Over the course of 3 days, he murdered 5 University of Florida students and left their bodies in gruesome poses where he knew they would be found.  Police were able to track down this murderous drifter after a tip led them to his campsite in the woods just outside of town.

Shreveport Native Danny Rolling's Killing Spree Started Before He Got to Florida

Word of the horrendous killing spree spread across the country like wildfire.  When the news hit Rolling's hometown of Shreveport, police noticed that it sounded eerily like an unsolved triple murder they were investigating.  The Grissom family had been killed in Shreveport in 1989, and their bodies had been posed for authorities to find just like the murdered college students.  After Rolling was convicted for the killings in Florida, he confessed to the murder of 55-year-old William Grissom, his 24-year-old daughter Julie, and 8-year-old son Sean.

Dimension Films
Dimension Films

Discover+ is Set to Air a Documentary About The Shreveport Killer That Inspired Scream

Screenwriter Kevin Williamson was looking for inspiration for his next screenplay when the news of the "Gainesville Ripper" swept the nation.  The story fueled Williamson to write the story that we know now as the classic, Wes Craven directed horror film Scream.  On January14th, the series of documentaries known as “Shock Docs” on Discovery+ will premiere Scream: The True Story.  The doc will take a deep dive into the disturbed details of Rolling's murders in Shreveport and Gainesville - as well as his subsequent arrest and eventual execution.  The in-depth investigation is set to launch on the same day that the new Scream movie is set to premiere in theaters.

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