Shreveport native Billy Hargrove has a special talent.  At 32 years old, he can pack away raw oysters with the best of them.  He may, in fact be the best when it comes to eating the bivalves at speed.  On his last trip to Acme Oyster House, bad-to-the-bone Billy H. put down an astounding 15-freakin' dozen raw oysters in just 15 minutes!  That's 180 down the gullet in the same amount of time it takes me to get a tea refill at most restaurants.

Lest you think the man has more iron stomach than intestinal courage, Billy had a rough ride after becoming a member of Acme's "15 Dozen" Club (totally a real thing).  According to the Shreveport Times,  Mr. Hargrove suffered through a medical nightmare for the prestigious entry into the club.  He was rushed to an ER, and ended up on IVs and lots of antibiotics after contracting Vibiro.

You would think that would be enough for one man's oyster-glory, but you would be underestimating Billy.  Now that he is healthy again, he's looking at the title.  In case you are wondering, it held by Adrian Morgan of Baton Rouge.  Adrian laid waste to 42 dozen in February of 2011.  Billy has been stretching his stomach with liquids and working on oyster stabbing techniques in preparation for his run at the title.