Remember February 13 through the 17th of 2021? It has been called the "North American winter storm" all I can remember is how horrid that week was.

A couple of co-workers and I stayed in a hotel down the road from the radio station and went without running water for a week. Luckily our building has a generator that kept our electricity going for the week, but at the end of the work day we would go back to the cold dark hotel rooms.

The crazy storm resulted in over 170 million Americans being placed under various winter weather alerts being issued by the National Weather Service. Remember the great blackout that left almost 10 million Americans without power?

Ahh yes the 2021 Texas power crisis, the water line breaks all over Texas and in Shreveport. You remember the boil notices right?

The worst part about the great storm was how many Americans died. Most deaths were caused because Texans and Louisianans were just trying to keep warm. What happens if we see another storm of this caliber? What do we do? How can we stay warm?

@Over50OurTime via TikTok
@Over50OurTime via TikTok

A sweet grandpa from Oklahoma took to TikTok to help us all stay warm if we go without electricity.

What you'll need:

  • Six bricks
  • One big clay pot
  • A big candle in a metal container
  • a lighter
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