Who knows, maybe one day you'll run into Elon Musk at Superior Ball & Grill.

Arguably no one on the planet is as displeased with our nationwide COVID-19 restrictions that Elon Musk. Day in and day out, he tweets his dissatisfaction with our current situation to millions of followers on Twitter. Now, Musk and Tesla are threatening to leave California altogether.

Going against state-wide restrictions in California, Elon Musk opened up his Tesla production site. California, like Louisiana, is currently under a state-wide stay at home order. The difference is that California's is set to last for at least another three months. After reopening his production site, Musk and Tesla are facing legal action from the state of California.

So, if Tesla leaves California, where to next? Maybe a super-tech savvy city like Seattle? Or a constantly young and expanding area like Austin. Maybe Elon has his eyes set on the Big Apple for the next home for his $200 Billion company.

Or maybe, just maybe, Tesla could be coming to Louisiana.

If one Louisiana congressman has his way, that's exactly what will happen.

Congressman Ralph Abraham has written Elon Musk and Tesla a letter inviting the company to make North Louisiana it's new home. Abraham believes it would be a match made in heaven, citing things like our cost of living and the I-20 Tech Corridor.

In his letter to Elon Musk, Abraham says, "the benefits that Tesla and Louisiana could offer each other are countless, and I cannot think of a better place for Tesla to relocate."

What about you Ark-La-Tex? Would you welcome Elon Musk and Tesla with open arms?

Check out the full letter below!


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