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For a few years now, the nickname "Karen" has been assigned to women who loudly and obviously complain about something in a business.  The classic and defining Karen move is to proudly and defiantly proclaim that they aren't pleased with the service and demand to talk with someone in charge.

That phrase (and possibly a very recognizable haircut) came in handy for some true Karens earlier this week in Texas.  Houston restaurant Chick’nCone held their inaugural "Karen Day" on Monday, and it went surprisingly smooth.  According to FOX News, about 40 women legally named Karen showed up and used the magic phrase "I would like to speak with the manager," in order to claim their free food - a waffle cone full of fried chicken.

This isn't the first time a restaurant has tried to cash in on the 'Karen' craze.  Dominoes Pizza in New Zealand offered free pizzas to "nice Karens," but reportedly had to drop the promotion after a huge response from folks who were upset that the pizza chain would reward Karen-like behavior.  According to the BBC, the "Calling all (nice) Karens" giveaway was rescinded in New Zealand, but several locations in Australia are still doing it.

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