We all know that necessity is the mother of invention, but check out these hilarious things folks have used for things other than their intended purpose.

I'm easily amused. I'll admit it. But sometimes, you just have to chuckle when someone does something you find clever. For example, my friend uses shrimp baskets for his laundry and why wouldn't he? He already has the shrimp baskets, they're clean, so why go spend money on something so similar just because it's called a 'laundry' basket? You wouldn't. Makes sense to me!

Over the years my girlfriends have laid some pretty ridiculous stories on me about their men making 'do.' My friend Elizabeth walked in on her husband years ago making her a birthday cake. Super sweet, right? Then she realized how he was mixing the cake batter. He was literally DRILLING the cake. I guess if you can't find or figure out how to use the hand mixer, power tools work, too!

Another friend's husband used a shotgun to get a better signal from their satellite dish. Let me explain. Haley was very, very pregnant and couldn't do much more than watch TV towards her due date. Wind from a recent storm had recently knocked their satellite dish out of alignment but her husband had been drinking and didn't want to hear her pregnancy hormones complain anymore. So, instead of climbing a ladder to the roof and adjusting the dish by hand, he decided to shoot the offending branches and she got her signal back. Win, win, right? Nevermind the fact that their next-door neighbor was a local judge and was in on it!

But not every moment of ingenuity is met with success. Case in point, my ex decided to try a new method to weigh down the pool cover when we closed the pool for the winter one year. He used sandbags to weight the edges. Unfortunately, he didn't count on the sandbags falling into the pool and breaking. He didn't try that again...


So what item have you used for something other than what it was intended for? I'd love to hear your stories! See some of the tales my friends shared with me on social media and feel free to comment and add your own as well as give me a follow!

This is such a 'single' guy thing to do! Gary says I'm easily amused, but I think this is funny! Necessity is definitely...

Posted by Erin Bristol on Thursday, November 12, 2020

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