We Have a Serious Problem in Shreveport-Bossier on Sundays.

I will always wake up with one thing on my mind on Sundays. For the most part, Sundays are my only day off so I treasure them and I use them to go out and try new dishes all over town. The only problem is that I have run out of brunch options.

1836 Texas Kitchen Via Facebook
1836 Texas Kitchen Via Facebook

Most Places Open for Brunch on Sunday are Jam Packed.

There is a new place that opened up alongside I-20 that several people swear is amazing, however despite what people say, I won't do a two-hour wait for a plate with a couple of eggs, a couple of slices of bacon, and a pancake. I love a good vibe, however, I need to be more impressed with what's on my plate.

1836 Texas Kitchen Via Facebook
1836 Texas Kitchen Via Facebook

Yes, I Know Many People Think I am Picky, But I Won't Apologize For That.

Finding a delicious dish in Shreveport has become a hobby for me. I am always excited to try out new places or new dishes, and I've always told you, that if it's good, I'll make sure to steer you in the right direction. There is nothing more heartbreaking than going to a place that has been hyped up for you to not find anything great on the menu.

With So Many Restaurant Chains and So Many Spots Closed On Sunday Where Do You Brunch Locally?

I find myself going to the same three spots for brunch and that needs to change asap. Where have you gone for brunch in Shreveport-Bossier where it has been excellent? What dish did you order? I'd love your input please share it with me by direct messaging me here. 

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