I might still be somewhat a new parent but I fully believe potty training is the hardest part of raising a child. My super smart two year old has mastered just about everything except for using the bathroom... And I think it's on purpose! Ok, I might be being overdramatic but I feel like I've tried everything.

We've read books, had many talks, rushed to the bathroom multiple times in an hour but all of it has failed. Now I've turned to making songs about the potty which my wife caught on snapchat for all her friends to see tonight... Check it out above.

I've heard over and over again that this is one of those things she will have to want to do on her own but, c'mon, diapers are expensive! Plus next year we're hoping to place Rhylee in a new school which she must be potty trained for. So I'm begging for your help! What did you do to teach your child? Is there a trick to it? I've tried paying her but she doesn't accept checks!

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