For this week's throwback, we'll go all the way back to day one.

For those who don't know, I somehow got this job nearly twelve years ago after posting several rap songs on MySpace making fun of a rival high school. The songs were absolutely terrible, but both schools really got behind the songs, and they sort of took off in a hyper-local way.

Long story short, the right people heard those songs and thought they were funny enough to offer me a job.

I remember I was fifteen years old at that time, and I came in to interview at K945.

I grew up listening to K945 since I was a little kid, so I was beyond nervous just to step into the building, I'll never forget that feeling. The interview wen't well, I had recently applied to work at Brookshires so to not get that job, then be interviews for work at my favorite radio station, I was on cloud nine.

I remember during the interview, all I could think about was meeting the radio personalities I grew up with. After the interview, I was asked if I had any questions? Of course, I did, but they probably weren't the questions that were expected to follow. I asked quickly if Robert J Wright was in the building and if I could meet him. I was so incredibly nervous to meet him and he was great that day and has been a close friend ever since.

Next, this is especially great if you listened to K945 back in the day, I asked to meet Lane Changer. No one could forget his voice as he delivered the traffic reports on K945 in the most iconic, gravely voice. I was expecting him to be no shorter that 6'4, long dreadlocks, wears sunglasses inside... Just a cool, badass man.

Sure enough, a great man by the name of Danny Fox poked his head in. He calmly introduced himself, his voice was very normal, and he stood at about 5'3 and weighed no more than 110 lbs. I had no clue that man was Lane Changer until a split-second later when he pulled that voice out of no where and delivered an impromptu traffic report for me right then and there.

I will remember that awesome day for the rest of my life.