For this #TBT, we're going back to Practice Safe Text on August 19th, 2011.

This was an event unlike any other, for those who may not remember. We were working so incredibly hard on this awesome event, for a great cause. In an effort to combat texting while driving, we threw a party/concert at Fair Grounds Field to encourage listeners to stay off their phone while driving.

For this event, we brought in the legend himself Andy Grammer. Grammer, of course, has found huge fame since those days, and now has one heck of a name for himself. We like to think that he caught some of that Shreveport magic and shot off to the moon after our event together.

I wanted to share, though, a little backstory on the day itself.

In Shreveport on August 19th, 2011, it was a crisp 100 degrees but felt like a smoldering 175. To say that it was hot would be an understatement. Myself, and the rest of our radio station staff spent most of if not all of the day outside at Fairgrounds Field getting it ready for the concert that night. This was no easy task and anyone who was there that day will agree with me, that it was the most miserable day (weather-wise) in our radio station's history.

Andy Grammer, fresh off a jet from Los Angeles, was amused by the intense heat. Yes, not even the hottest day imaginable could stop Andy Grammer from being the nicest man on the planet. He never complained or said one negative thing the entire time he was with us.

He was our headliner, and trust me when I say it, despite the incredible heat and downright miserable conditions, he absolutely rocked it and couldn't possibly have been any better.

We also brought a lesser-known opening act for this show. During her performance, which featured several back-up dancers, her music skipped several times and the lip-syncing was painful to watch. However, it made the event that much more memorable.

Practice Safe Text 2011 will always be remembered around K945 as the hottest day imaginable, but also as the day we all fell in love with Andy Grammer.

Below, you'll find a true throwback from K945's vaults.


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