Yesterday we played a silly game at the grocery store... But it was for an amazing cause!

We had three teams racing down the aisles at Brookshire's on Line Avenue trying to fill their carts up with the most valuable items.

After two minutes, the carts were tallied and whoever possessed the most valuable cart, won this very cool trophy.



But it was all about much more than a trophy. The total amount raised by all three teams would be donated to the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana!

I teamed up with NBC 6's Jacque Jovic, and we kicked some serious grocery butt.... Well, we thought we did.

We went after the large items, and that eventually came back to hurt us. We raised over $700 in two minutes, which isn't so bad! Team 3 raised over $600, and Team 1 raised an astonishing $1,500!

Team 1 won in the spices aisle... Who knew spices could be so expensive?

The best part, after we tallied the total, Austin Muchemore with Boomtown Casino & Hotel raised the donation to $5,000! Quite the donation after just two minutes of shopping!

Here's the footage courtesy of NBC 6.