It seriously pays to be a K945 VIP. Just ask Angela Shocklee, Katie Queen, Heather Binyon, Nina Elliot and Lauren Woodward! They all went to the SOLD OUT Ke$ha show at the House of Blues in Dallas and this is what they had to say!


We had an AMAZING time!!! Nice weather, too :) We arrived early to get a good spot (since it was general admission).... And succeeded!!  We were right up front for the whole show! Ke$ha was amazing... She is VERY talented!! I'll attach some of the pics we took (we took a bunch!) and a video, if it will work :D
I want to thank you and everyone at K945 again for giving us the chance to go!!  We had SO much fun and wouldn't have been able to make it without y'all!!  :)


We had so much fun last night! The line was wrapped around the building to get in... there were so many people there!! Beardo was a weirdo...but Ke$ha was amazing!!! Thank you so much for the tickets! :)


Last night was great! We got super close to the stage! A friend of mine that we randomly saw there, who's from Bossier, ended up getting on stage with Ke$ha and she performed a song to him! It was great! I only have pics taken on my phone so the quality isn't fantastic but they're still pretty great! We had a blast, though! Thanks so much!