If you haven't heard the news, our beloved Stifler will be jumping to our sister station, KVKI, beginning next week.

I'm writing this on a completely personal level, for the record.

I came to K945 in 2007. No joke, my first question in the hiring process was "Where is Stifler, and can I meet him?" I remember growing up in town (like many of you reading this) hearing Stifler on the radio and thinking, "Man, I bet that guy is cool." I certainly didn't think I would ever get to meet him. So when I came to the station, I remember meeting him for the first time and he was truly a friend from day one. Why would he be friends with a fifteen year old that's new to the business?? I mean he is Stifler, and EVERYONE knows Stifler. That's just who he is. Truly one of the nicest human beings I've ever met, and I'm just happy that nearly eight years later, I can call him a great friend.

Stifler started with K945 in 2003! Here we are, twelve years later, and he's still going strong on the same radio station. That is saying something, especially for a guy as talented as Stifler. He has been ultra-successful at all shifts throughout the day in his 12 years. Of course, I used to listen to him every single night when he hosted the night show. He then went to afternoons for a few years before coming to mid-days for the past several years.

Next week, we are going to a new lineup on K945 that will keep feature the Kidd Kraddick Show in the morning, Jess in the mid-day, myself in the afternoon, and PopCrush Nights at night.

Stifler, thankfully, is not leaving the building. He will be hosting nights on our sister-station, KVKI. I'm happy because I still get to see my friend everyday, but I'm selfishly sad because I don't get to hear him on our station and spend time with him at events.

Here's a video from a few staffers around the station talking about the legend that is Stifler.



Also, here's a gallery full of the best Stifler photos the internet could provide!



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