It's more of like a myth. I would hear random stories of how people would see the K945 vehicle at random locations like Chuck E. Cheese's or the junkyard, seriously we thought people might be trying to mess with us. The back story on all this, the K945 vehicle was traded in for a new beautiful Jeep. The old vehicle went to auction, and instead of it getting a new paint job it was sold as is. Different Townsquare employees claimed they saw the elusive old K945 vehicle, personally, I simply did not believe. Little did I know I was in for the treat of a lifetime. Like a child seeing Santa Clause for the first time, I lost my cool. Check out the Bald Guys' and my interaction with the proud owners of the Old K945 vehicle.

We have to know, where have you seen the old K945 vehicle around town? Are you the new owners of the k945 vehicle? We want to find you. and cover up that paint job!

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