River, my nearly three-year-old daughter, has rapidly became a local celebrity. Nearly every time we go out, someone comes up to her and asks if she's River. Of course, River has no clue what's going on, so she either smiles, cries, throws up the peace sign, or cusses at them.

She is known for her cuss-words, her fits, and her horrible April Fools Day.

On the newest video, she has a new enemy.... Rain.

See, River truly loves bubbles. No, not blowing bubbles, or watching bubbles, but popping bubbles. Seriously, I asked her what she loves more, Daddy or popping bubbles and the girl said "poppin bubbuls" before I finished the question.

So you can imagine her frustration when someone or something gets to a bubble before she can. That happened the other night when a bubble got destroyed by a rain-drop as it ventured outside the safety of my garage. River was NOT HAPPY. In fact, she tried to fight the rain. I think she won, but I'm really not sure.

Here's the video!